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How you communicate with peers, employers and potential networkers during the interviewing process is as important as the interview itself.  Before the job search phase, we show you how to get in the door for competitive jobs that you may not be perfect for on paper.
During the interview phase, Digital Correspondence details how to thank, follow-up, ask for feedback and more all with the intent on opening lines of communication and expediting the time to offer.  Receive more job opportunities, wait less time between interviews, connect with industry influencers, negotiate higher salaries and more.


Right now, the content specializes primarily on sales, management and marketing related content.

  • Intelligent Job Seeker works on a membership basis.
  • Users are billed for each membership purchased one-time.
  • This provides access to the particular membership purchased for the amount of time allotted for that particular membership.
  • Typically, memberships are 30 days.
  • Billing is non-recurring. Following the lapse of membership, users are given the option to renew.
  • Because 30 days access usually results in a job offer, payments are not automatically recurring.
  • IJS accepts all major electronic payments.
  • Fees do not include applicable taxes.

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