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Thank You Note (Interviewer Addresses Concern)

Email Writing Tips ● Some interviewers like to tell all candidates they meet about any concerns they have about them as an applicant ● Therefore, applicants often have trouble determining how concerned the hiring manager is about that perceived shortcoming and how to address this both during and after the interview ● When it comes to the follow-up email, sometimes it is effective to address anything that is brought up which could hurt your applicancy...but it must be done with diplomacy, respect and an open mind Thank You Note (When Interviewer Addresses Concern) Hi ________, First, I want to thank you for your time earlier today. There are a lot of compelling aspects to ______ {insert company name}. I think that your organization has come a very long way in gaining a competitive advantage through personalized client care and innovation. As you can imagine, there is a natural tendency to be drawn to organizations with this type of dynamic. I owe much of my success to work ethic and optimistic thinking. Therefore, I don't think it is prudent to focus too much on negative aspects. However, you did bring up a perceived concern regarding __________. If this remains a sincere concern of yours, I am happy to assist in any way possible to mitigate any hesitations regarding my perceived ability to meet and exceed performance related expectations. While I don't know who else you are interviewing, I have an inclination that 30, 60 and 90 days into memployment tenure at ______, the two or so weeks of learning curve will prove worth it. Please tell me how I can demonstrate and overcome these hurdles and work with you to remain moving forward in the process.

Digital Marketing Application Email

Digital Marketing Application Email (Mid to Senior Level) My name is ____. I had found the posting for (Company Name’s) open role on _________.  After analyzing the company’s competitive advantage and the job description, I would very much like to be considered for the role. Over the years, my experience has spanned several digital related jobs.  Each position has led to career advancement. Among other key areas, I have become very acclimated to working with all business segments in order to increase product / service demand and be able to alter any strategic decisions to be in-line with consumer buying tendencies. While I do have a strong proficiency in just about all digital areas, I attribute much of my success to a high proficiency in ______ which has allowed me to analyze a solution from the standpoint of both a marketer as well as an consumer. This perspective has allowed me to translate marketing initiatives into direct revenue.  Right now, I am looking for a firm and a role that will allow me to leverage expert insight, creativity and business acumen to contribute to an already competitive marketing team. Thank you,

Sales Application Email (Applying to a New Industry)

Sales Application Email (Applying to a New Industry) Hello _____, Please consider my application for _______ role. I had found the open job on ______ and, for your reference, have included a link to the original position on the bottom of this email. From my research on the position, generalized competitive landscape as well as your organization, I feel I could help further {COMPANY NAME}’s competitive advantage and ability to generate revenue. At the past positions, I’ve been able to accelerate the meeting of strategic objectives while contributing to the well-being of my co-workers, clients and company leadership. My background spans various industries while my knowledge does as well. I perceive that my commitment to ensuring the delivery of high quality work and my ability to adapt to changing landscapes would make me a viable option to interview. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Please find my resume attached.

General Strategies

Be honest. However, being honest does not necessarily mean that you have to be negative or make yourself look badly. [memberful_buy_subscription_link plan='38670-sample-plan']please purchase the premium plan here[/memberful_buy_subscription_link] [memberful does_not_have_subscription_to="38670-sample-plan"]Shown to users who haven't purchased the "Big Awesome" subscription.[/memberful]

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Standard Post

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