Job Seeker FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Billing Work?

Payments are not a recurring subscription. Rather, they are on-time membership fees that provide access for the user for a finite period of time.  Unless informed otherwise (mostly with promotional content) there is no automatic billing at the end of a user cycle.

Is Intelligent Job Seeker Tax Deductible?

In many instances. Though, for further information on the criteria that must be met, please refer to the IRS website as the laws and variables that must be met do change.

What is the Difference Between IJS and Other Career Portals?

The quality and uniqueness of content is unfound on other career sites. In order for any piece of content or advice to make it to the Intelligent Job Seeker portal, our recruitment division must have seen that strategy work in a real life job search to determine its validity. The advice is taken from real situations as opposed to a blogger. The advice IJS gives is highly specific, proven and according to the overwhelming majority of users, has substantially better results.

Will IJS Affect My Status with KAS Placement?

No. KAS Placement’s recruiting initiatives and our Career Services division are entirely separate. IJS is a specialized offering that will help a job seeker refine their resume / interviewing and application techniques.  IJS is meant to help candidates find employment of their own volition. The program is separate from the company’s recruiting division. The system is fee-based and has no bearing with your status with our recruiting division.

I Am Having Trouble with the Site.  How Can I Receive Support?

Please contact your direct career advisor or the head of the New York program, Scott Abuso at

Where is Support Located?

All correspondence takes place with someone from our Midtown Manhattan headquarters.

How Do I Contact My Career Advisor?

Our Career Advisors are based in our Midtown Manhattan office and are happy to help.  Please contact your Career Solutions Advisor either by submitting your message through our contact page or via email.

What types of jobs does Intelligent Job Seeker focus on?

Right now, the content specializes primarily on sales, management and marketing related content.

What Are the Benefits?

With Intelligent Job Seeker, you’ll have the competitive information, expert recommendations, formatting enhancements and more so you can pursue the job you deserve in the industry you want.
  • IJS will allow you to see what others are doing to get the jobs you want.
  • Gain rare insight into what top job seekers in your demographic are doing.
  • Use proven data to increase professionalism, however maintain writing control.
  • Improve your resume wording.
  • Gain knowledge of the salary demands of candidates with similar skills, education and experience.
  • Increase your interviewing confidence.
  • Much more

What Levels of Job Seeker Can The Program Benefit?

Intelligent Job Seeker has proven to help individuals switching careers, changing industries, getting back into the workforce, people who have jumped jobs frequently, more seasoned job seekers, recent graduates or anyone who would want a better idea of the competitive landscape for the jobs they are targeting.