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Designed by the executives at KAS Placement, a world-renowned sales and marketing executive search agency, Intelligent Job Seeker is a set of meticulously crafted career advice resources designed specifically for sales and marketing job seekers.

The Most Useful Advice on the Job Market

Understanding how hiring managers think and make decisions is just as crucial as your past work experience. Intelligent job seeker provides keen insight into the technological innovation of human decision making. At the same time, we provide you with access to cost-effective, expert tools necessary to turn a long, arduous job search into more interviews, higher job offers and a career that means something.


Intelligent Job Seeker’s affordable, end to end career guidance solutions help job seekers get in the door at higher quality companies, impress the interviewer and maximize their salary offer.

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Constructed to help sales and marketing professionals through the most competitive interviewing cycles.

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A whole new perspective on the resume writing process that is faster, more accurate and cost-effective.


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How and when you communicate while you are not in the interview matters as much as your performance during the interview itself.


Accurate Advice Proven to Propel Careers

Intelligent Job Seeker is designed for intelligent, sophisticated job seekers of all levels who are either at the management or executive level or plan to be.

Data-Driven, Success-Tested

Many of the world’s top brands as well as tomorrow’s disruptors use our recruitment division for hiring needs.  Intelligent Job Seeker is the one place where job seekers can access invaluable insights learned from the 15 years our executive search division has been fully operational .  This results in the accumulation of some of the most specific, unparalleled insight that is currently changing careers.

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The Top Sales and Marketing Career Service

At its core, Intelligent Job Seeker is designed to dramatically streamline a job search. Whether switching industries, changing careers, transitioning to management or finding a job after graduation, IJS provides powerful methods necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market.