The Story Behind Intelligent Job Seeker

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped some of the biggest global brands and innovative start-up companies improve their firm through recruiting sales and marketing talent, a few things became evident.  Our recruitment division did not have enough open jobs to accommodate the large amount of resumes sent.

We also noticed that job seekers who wanted to change industries or careers unnecessarily struggled.  The longer they remained on the job market, the lower they would be valued to employers.

"intelligent job seeker"

Proven Services and Learning Tools

The content is put together by the same executives who oversee and train recruiting teams as well as interact every day with hiring managers from over 100 industries.   Each resource addresses specific scenarios ensuring you overcome any real world hurdles ranging from personality assessments to explaining why you changed jobs.    

Nothing is written by AI.  Rather, it is crafted meticulously to ensure that the advice is not found anywhere else and tested in real interview situations with real candidates.

Tackling the Issues That Matter