Let's Solve Your Job Search Needs Together

Together, let's create a job search strategy process designed to get the results you need. With Intelligent Job Seeker, you are able to leverage an expansive library of expert advice, ideas and tools designed to expedite, broaden and heighten your job search efficiency.

Since day one, the core mission of Intelligent Job Seeker is to provide a framework in which job seekers can receive accurate, helpful job search information for very reasonable rates.

We are proud to deliver one of the strongest, most unique job search platforms on the market. By using data-driven job search analysis, we help you understand and connect with hiring managers as people not gate keepers.

Expert Products for Every Phase of Your Job Search

Intelligent Job Seeker will teach you how to navigate your job search. At the same time, it’s resources will seamlessly guide you through all the interviewing steps with clarity and confidence.


At its core, Intelligent Job Seeker is designed to dramatically streamline a job search. Whether switching industries, changing careers, transitioning to management or finding a job after graduation, IJS provides powerful methods necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Proven Expertise

Many of the large name brand organizations you see every day, as well as the growing small and midsize brands you’ll see tomorrow, have relied on KAS Placement’s recruitment methodologies for hiring talent throughout their sales and marketing departments. We are now bringing what our recruiting team has learned to empower job seekers.

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Humanize the Hiring Process

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Humanize the Hiring Process


Understanding how hiring managers think and make decisions is just as crucial as your past work experience. Intelligent job seeker provides keen insight into the technological innovation of human decision making.

At the same time , we provide you with access to cost-effective, expert tools necessary to turn a long, arduous job search into more interviews, higher job offers and a career that means something.