The Story Behind Intelligent Job Seeker

After being involved in hiring processes for over 15 years and intimately involved in over 25,000 interviews and job offers, we at KAS Placement have come to see the world of the job seeker in every imaginable way.

We see how hiring decisions are made, how employers interpret resumes, what candidates do wrong, how different employers make decisions and much more.

Job search is an unspeakably humbling and stressful experience.  One of the many things we’ve learned is that it’s often the best performing employees who are not as proficient at interviewing as less competent counterparts.

It became evident that a resource like Intelligent Job Seeker was needed.


Unique Services and Learning Tools

Intelligent Job Seeker was formed to provide unique services not found elsewhere.   Each is designed to allow the job seeker to see the world through the eyes of executive recruitment experts.

The offerings allow you to leverage rare competitor resume guidance and interviewing tools specifically designed for educated job seekers of all levels with strong critical thinking skills.

Nothing is done by AI.  Instead, Intelligent Job Seeker harnesses the power of human intelligence and real experience to help job seekers stand-out in an often opaque process.

It’s having the services or advice of a panel of expert recruitment executives who have overseen 20,000+ hiring processes.  Most of which are accessible when you want in the formats you like best.