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We deliver breakthrough services for job seekers helping them better connect with employers, optimize response rates and navigate competitive interviewing processes.

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Interviewing Essentials

Interviewing Essentials covers everything you need to hold your own against top interviewees and better control the interviewing process.

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Personalized Resume Intel

Get a competitive analysis of resumes likely applying to the jobs you want and expert guidance on how to best use the information.

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1 on 1 Job Search Guidance 

For those who want to be walked through an interviewing and application process with one-on-one expert guidance.

Interviewing Essentials

Benefit from access to the most innovative interviewing tools and insight for job seekers who have ambitious career plans.  Provides access to over 100 innovative resources statistically proven to take your interviewing to the next level.

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Personalized Resume Intelligence

For less cost than a resume writer, Resume Intel provides you with real knowledge on how competing applicants write their resume.  Instead of writing your resume, tell us what types of jobs you’re applying for.   

Then, we’ll show you multiple real examples of how others in your target industry write theirs.  Utilize the knowledge to strike a balance between amount of content, relevancy of content, resume length, industry terminology, and layout.

Watch video highlights from real interviews and learn from expert analysis on what went correctly and what could have been done better.

Stop waiting on a interviewer’s response.  Highly customizable email templates show you how to be proactive, polite, yet persistent.

Learn how to best explain jobs changes, lay-offs, short job dates, work gaps, salary expectations, changing industries and more.

We’re Making a Meaningful Impact

Out of 50 beta users, here are some of the statistics that Intelligent Job Seeker received.  Eventually, we hope to get all our metrics to 100%, but for now we feel honored.


Learned Something Meaningful


Felt The Resources Were Relevant To Their Specific Job Search


Think IJS Helped Them Overcome Very Specific Hurdles


Said They Would Recommend IJS To A Colleague Or Friend

Amazing.  I was driven to compete for top-tier companies and compensation. The resources of Intelligent Job Seeker rapidly got me there. 
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Brad Chapman

Territory Sales Director    Turbo Tint

Exceeded all my job search expectations. I was paid more, the process was much quicker and I had a confidence knowing exactly what the other side was thinking.”
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Dale Elsner

Sr. Account Manager     FleetPride

Thanks to the foresight and guidance, I now have an exciting. lucrative and fulfilling marketing career working with technology and innovation.”
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Sarah Khan

Marketing Manager      NYC


Proven to Work in Highly Competitive Job Searches

Every tool is tested to get results in real interview situations with real hiring managers.  Job seekers utilizing the methodologies in Intelligent Job Seeker now work for today’s best organizations.

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Become a Winner at Job Search

Whether you have dreams of getting to the next level or just curious about why you’re being overlooked by hiring managers, we’ll be there every step of the way. You can now gain free access to a limited amount of premium content to see how IJS can work for you.