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Interviewing Essentials

Never Look at Interviewing the Same

For the past fifteen years, our recruiting division has analyzed the hiring tendencies of some of the world’s top companies.  We’ve seen first hand what interviewing tactics get results.  Through invaluable articles, podcasts, videos and downloads, Interviewing Essentials teaches how to turn rare insight into actionable strategies.  


  • Better explain why you are moving jobs
  • Effectively discuss employment gaps and lay-offs
  • Establish a rapport with interviewers
  • Set salary expectations
  • Recognize and overcome common interviewing traps
  • Know what sales and marketing executives do to ace interviews


From explaining sales quotas to interviewing for digital marketing roles, learn what the right questions are, how to sell yourself, interviewing strategy with skeptical hiring managers and much more.


Listen to actual sales and marketing interview preparations conducted by KAS’s executive recruitment professionals.


Passing a personality assessment test, asking the right questions, selling yourself, interviewing strategy, answering difficult interview questions and much more.

Perform at Your Best with Invaluable Insight

If you are getting interviews, but not being given competitive job offers, chances are your interviewing strategy needs tweaks.  Interviewing Essentials leverages proven methodologies and tools allowing you to accurately pinpoint problem areas, analyze a hiring manager’s perspective and utilize the insight in order to standout during even the most cut-throat interviews.