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Because minimizing periods of unemployment or underemployed is critical to maintaining a high value on the job market, Interviewing Essentials works quickly.  A group of over 100 resources clearly show you how to navigate your job search with efficiency, confidence and smart decision making.

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Get employers to commit to a decision time-frame
Set salary expectations from day one
Stop waiting around to hear back after an interview
Explain lay-offs, job changes, and unrelated employment
Learn how employers of all size companies think
Explain Successes and Challenges at Past Jobs 
Captivate an audience of multiple interviewers
Never fail a pre-employment exam again

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Ace Personality Assessments

Personality and aptitude tests can help or hurt you.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Set Salary Expectations

Want a better salary.  Here is a customizable email template tested in real negotiations.

Explain Recent Job Changes

One of the most common questions asked and hardest to answer.  Until now.

How I'll Make Your Company Better

Watch a real interviewing clip of a job seeker discussing how he can help the interviewing company.

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“The best part about the resources are their applicability.  The strategies are easy to learn and allow you to interview at a whole new level.”

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Director of Sales    Architecture

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Interview and Instructional Videos

Watch real interviews of sales and marketing job seekers.


Listen to how job seekers from around the world adjust job search strategies to employers’ needs.

Customizable Emails

Leverage follow-up’s, salary negotiation, application emails and more all proven in real situations

Sales and Account Management

Be seen as someone who knows how to manage complex sales cycles with multiple decision makers.

Marketing Job Search

View resources for digital, experimental, brand, product, influencer, SEO and more.

Interviewing Preps

Unlock last minute tidbits of knowledge, gain confidence and focus before critical interviews.

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