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Regardless of career level, it’s important to know how to interview better than an executive in your field does.  Accelerate your understanding of critical interviewing topics with full access a vast catalog of unique resources.  Learn from real interview videos of top job seekers, learning series on passing personality assessment, instructional, videos, podcasts, digital templates with a near-perfect success rate, downloads and much more.   


Know what salary to ask for and how to do it
Get employers to commit to a decision time-frame
Explain lay-offs, job changes, and unrelated employment
Never fail a pre-employment exam again
Get employers to move forward, give feedback and negotiate salary
Captivate an audience of multiple interviewers
Learn how employers of all size companies think
Stop waiting around to hear back after an interview

Whatever Your Learning Preference, We Got You Covered

Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, Interviewing Essentials Premium Access has your back.

Watch Top Job Seekers Interview

See what they say, how much they talk, how they listen and bond with the employer

Pre-employment Test Video Series

Through a dozen videos, we show you how to get near perfect scores on any aptitude test

97%+ Response Email Templates

Follow-up’s, negotiation, application and thank you templates with a success rate near 100%

Articles and Research Reports

Be seen as someone who can manage complex sales cycles with multiple decision makers.

PodCasts on Interview Strategy 

Listen to job seekers from around the world discuss advanced interview strategies

Interviewing Preps

Unlock last minute tidbits of knowledge, gain confidence and focus before critical interviews.

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“Job Search resources that will forever change your career.  I used the resources to customize your own message and get the job I wanted on my terms.  Loved it!!!”

Daniel Rosario

Sr. Digital Marketing   Healthcare

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“After getting my graduate degree, IJS gave me an edge.  Words can’t express how much better Intelligent Job Seeker is than anything else out there.”

Laura Bradshaw

Digital Marketing   Charlotte, NC

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“The best part about the resources are their applicability.  The strategies are easy to learn and allow you to interview at a whole new level.”

Shauri Woo

Director of Business Development

Interviewing Essentials Premium FAQ


The “Interviewing Essentials Premium” product from Intelligent Job Seeker offers a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at enhancing job seekers’ interview skills, specifically for those in sales and marketing. It provides 30-day access to various materials, including real and instructional interview videos, preparation tips, strategies focused on sales, articles, customizable email templates, and podcasts.

This package is designed to expedite the job search process, aiming for quicker hiring, better job opportunities, and higher compensation, regardless of the job seeker’s level or situation. It is a non-recurring, one-time membership purchase, with updates added weekly.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Get employers to commit to a decision time-frame
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Understand the mindset of interviewers from all size businesses
  • Learn from watching actual interviews of other job seekers
  • Outmaneuver interviewees with more experience
  • Leverage job offers against one another
  • Captive an audience of multiple interviewers at one
  • Stop waiting around to hear back after an interview
  • Learn how to pass every type of preemployment exam
  • Explain lay-offs, job changes, and unrelated employment
  • Prevent getting low job offers

Who Can Benefit From Interviewing Essentials?

Intelligent Job Seeker has proven to help individuals of all levels with a variety of goals.  These include switching careers, changing industries, getting back into the workforce, people who have jumped jobs frequently, more seasoned job seekers, recent graduates or anyone who would want a better idea of the competitive landscape for the jobs they are targeting.

How Will I Be Billed?

  • You will be billed one-time for 30 day access to current Premium content and entitle you to weekly updated content.
  • All charges are non-recurring
  • We accept all types of payments through the website
  • If you are having trouble with a payment method, please email:

What's Included?

  • Immediate access to nearly 100 expert interviewing guides
  • Downloadable guides on common sales and marketing job search concerns
  • Full preparatory guides based on level of role and type of sales or marketing job
  • Entire guide to explaining job changes, lay-offs or any other “black swan” event
  • Immediate access to all Career Podcast Content
  • Salary negotiation assistance
  • Updates done weekly
  • Much more