A Smarter Way to Approach Resumes

There's No Longer a Reason to Leave Your Resume up to AI or a Resume Professional

What is Personalized Resume Intelligence?

Tell us what jobs you’re applying to, our resume experts will find you a group resumes who have applied successfully to similar jobs.  Then, we’ll guide you through the changes necessary to get your foot in the door.

How it Works

Instead of writing your resume, tell us what the type of industry, job experience level and / or job title you are seeking.

Then, a team trained by our recruitment division will use 13 sources to find resumes who have the job you’re looking for or top applicants likely applying to those roles.

Your assigned dedicated Career Advisor will send a packet with the actual resumes, competitive intelligence, a very accurate salary estimation and some other information.

Additionally included, you will receive specific advice from a resume expert trained by our recruitment division on how to integrate your background.

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Career Changing Benefits

  • Resumes formats are editable to easily plug in your own information
  • Determine the proper length of your resume
  • Control how your resume is written and change when needed
  • Receive an estimated salary range on each resume
  • Work directly with a resume expert to make changes
  • See the latest industry-preferred terminology
  • See how they describe their skills, experiences and goals
  • Determine what skills impress hiring managers
  • Learn what keywords they use to be found online

What You'll Receive

Soon after a brief, free consultation, should you see the value in Personalized Resume Intel, here is what your individual resume guide will deliver to you:

  • Sampling of real resumes of job applicants employed in roles
  • Explanation as to why the resumes were chosen
  • Personalized resume adjustment recommendations
  • Resumes come in editable formats for easy input of your skills

Learn More With a Free Consultation

Personalized Resume Intel is designed for all levels of job seekers.  Want to know how you could benefit from Personalized Resume Intel?  Complete the form below to get a quick, free consultation.

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Complete the Personalized Resume Intel Form

Complete the Personalized Resume Intel Survey, upload a copy of your resume and your IJS Resume Manager will contact you to set up a strategic resume session.

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Advisor Strategy Session

A discussion with your dedicated IJS Resume Manager to define your career goals.

"step three resume intelligence"
Group of 5 Resumes Are Sent 

Your account manager will email you pertinent resumes in .doc or .docx for easy content edits and formatting.

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Make Improvements

Make your resume content, layout and message more compelling, relevant and attractive to targeted hiring managers.

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Full Name
preferred companies, current hurdles, response rates, current job situation, preferred competitive resume types, etc
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Higher Accuracy and Flexibility Than Resumes Written by AI or Resume Writers

Personalized Resume Intelligence allows you to work directly with a resume and hiring expert.   The resumes you see and resume writing suggestions you get will be tailored to your specific situation and goals.   So far, every person who has used Personalized Resume Intel felt like they left in a better situation.

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I worked with a resume writer and then had AI write my resume a second time. Both versions were generic and had a lower response rate. Please show me the best resumes for my experience and type of job so I can custom the resume to me, but have compelling writing.

"resume intel"
I want to move from account management to digital or event marketing role. It would be helpful to see how a sampling of people who have made this change write their resume and need help with mine.
"resume intel"

My division was just laid-off and the resume writer hired isn’t doing the trick. Please show how marketing professionals in the consulting field write their resume to position themselves for other opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for the Process to Be Completed?

Typically, the process will take about three to five days from start to finish. Because nothing is automated and is unique to each job applicant’s career demands, that time length can fluctuate with demand.

What Should I Expect Delivered?

  • Five resumes of top job seekers in your desired demographic
  • Competitive salary insight for each
  • Pre-formatted resumes in MS Word format
  • Resume tips
  • Personalized time with a career expert

How Do I Contact My Career Advisor?

Any questions, we’re happy to answer. Please contact your Career Solutions Advisor either by submitting your message through our contact page or via email.

What Levels of Job Seeker Can The Program Benefit?

Intelligent Job Seeker has proven to help individuals switching careers, changing industries, getting back into the workforce, people who have jumped jobs frequently, more seasoned job seekers, recent graduates or anyone who would want a better idea of the competitive landscape for the jobs they are targeting.

See Your Job Search from a New Perspective

Understanding what interviewing, follow-up and resume strategies your competition uses for their job search is a must-have. Intelligent Job Seeker assists you in accurately identifying shortcomings. Then, it helps you map out a full job search strategy to ensure you make the an impression that employers remember.