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Digital Correspondence

Communicate more effectively with hiring managers, recruiters and employers via email and LinkedIn.


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Interviewing Essentials

Immediately improve your interviewing performance via a library of expert articles, podcasts and videos.


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Resume Intel

Understand your competition and gain actionable insight on how to make your resume stand out.


  • Resume samples from top job seekers
  • Expert content recommendations
  • Discover how much similar applicants earn

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IJS Graduate

Receive total access to Intelligent Job Seeker plus content specifically engineered to transition from college to your career.


  • 30 day full access to Interviewing Essentials 
  • 30-day access to Premium Career Podcasts
  • 30 day full access to Digital Correspondence

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Total Access

From thank you notes to interview strategies to social media to negotiation advice and much more.  Benefit from full site access.


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Career Podcasts

Listen to tips that will help you nail your next sales or marketing interview.


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