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Intelligent Job Seeker makes it fast, affordable and easy to navigate a library of insights learned from over 15 years of hiring partnerships. All fees are one-time and non-recurring.

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Digital Correspondence

Communicate more effectively with hiring managers, recruiters and employers via email and LinkedIn.


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Interviewing Essentials

Immediately improve your interviewing performance via a library of expert articles, podcasts and videos.


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Resume Intel

Understand your competition and gain actionable insight on how to make your resume stand out.


  • Resume samples from top job seekers
  • Expert content recommendations
  • Discover how much similar applicants earn

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IJS Graduate

Receive total access to Intelligent Job Seeker plus content specifically engineered to transition from college to your career.


  • 30 day full access to Interviewing Essentials 
  • 30-day access to Premium Career Podcasts
  • 30 day full access to Digital Correspondence

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Total Access

From thank you notes to interview strategies to social media to negotiation advice and much more.  Benefit from full site access.


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Career Podcasts

Listen to tips that will help you nail your next sales or marketing interview.


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FAQ and Product Guarantees

For all services (excluding Resume Intelligence), you will receive a confirmation email providing access to all premium content relevant to that membership . You will also receive a dedicated career representative’s contact information should you have any questions.

  • Intelligent Job Seeker works on a membership basis.
  • Users are billed for each membership purchased one-time.
  • This provides access to the particular membership purchased for the amount of time allotted for that particular membership.
  • Typically, memberships are 30 days.
  • Billing is non-recurring. Following the lapse of membership, users are given the option to renew.
  • Because 30 days access usually results in a job offer, payments are not automatically recurring.
  • IJS accepts all major electronic payments.
  • Fees do not include applicable taxes.

After over 1,000 sales, we have had less than 1% of users feel that Intelligent Job Seeker was not worth the money purchased. While there are no refunds, if you find yourself unhappy with the service, please contact your dedicated career specialist.  Upon doing so, we will find out what you feel is missing and work with you to get that content.

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