What Intelligent Job Seeker is Not

Intelligent Job Seeker is not a subscription website hoping to bill you $36 a month forever. It is not a place to apply for jobs nor is it a chat room. We don’t have overly-bubbly spokespeople.  You’ll never hear the phrase “hit the subscribe button below.”  There are no share buttons just proven solutions.

It’s Educational Not Entertaining 

Intelligent Job Seeker is not a massive database of easy to produce video content given by people less successful than you.  You won’t have to fast forward through 20 to 30 minutes of video to hopefully find the one piece of information relevant to you.

If you want to watch videos, you should relax and watch videos.  If you want to get a job that you can be proud of, Intelligent Job Seeker is the leading sales and marketing interviewing place to go.

There’s No Certification

IJS is not a class nor does it attempt to keep you organized.  You won’t have to follow a syllabus for the masses; it can be done on your own time knowing that the philosophies you are studying works at a statistically high rate.

You’ll Embrace It or You Won’t

If you don’t get it by now, not our issue. Continue doing what you’re doing and maybe your luck will change.  But going forward, what is remaining constant is that the people using IJS are winning.  They see progress.

Our users are building momentum, confidence and a renewed passion for success.  This is well worth taking a break from chat-rooms, videos and social media and simply focusing on being effective.  Because, that’s who you are and what you love.

“It’s evident IJS’s team sales and marketing world inside and out. This knowledge and working with them changed my life. Thanks to IJS’s guidance I was able to change from the banking industry to a top technology firm. I now have an exciting, lucrative and fulfilling marketing career.”

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Sarah Khan    Digital Marketing Manager 
Risk Management Technology New York, NY

Interview Essentials

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  • Insight into explaining your past positively
  • Much more

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Resume Intel

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  • Insight into explaining your past positively
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Digital Correspondence

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IJS Graduate


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Total Access

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FAQ and Product Guarantees

For all services (excluding Resume Intelligence), you will receive a confirmation email providing access to all premium content relevant to that membership . You will also receive a dedicated career representative’s contact information should you have any questions.

  • Intelligent Job Seeker works on a membership basis.
  • Users are billed for each membership purchased one-time.
  • This provides access to the particular membership purchased for the amount of time allotted for that particular membership.
  • Typically, memberships are 30 days.
  • Billing is non-recurring. Following the lapse of membership, users are given the option to renew.
  • Because 30 days access usually results in a job offer, payments are not automatically recurring.
  • IJS accepts all major electronic payments.
  • Fees do not include applicable taxes.

After over 1,000 sales, we have had less than 1% of users feel that Intelligent Job Seeker was not worth the money purchased. While there are no refunds, if you find yourself unhappy with the service, please contact your dedicated career specialist.  Upon doing so, we will find out what you feel is missing and work with you to get that content.