Interview Overview


Job Title Interviewing For: Director of Sales

The candidate is being interviewed by 3 executive members of the team to determine whether he’d be a good fit for one of the largest architectural luxury hardware companies in Australia. They are looking for someone with direct relevant experience in the industry to expand their e-commerce in the United States market.

How I Can Make Your Company Better

You’ll notice that in some career videos, the interviewees implement strategies and formats directly from Intelligent Job Seeker.  See if you can tell which ones did and which ones did not.


Since this company represents a smaller, consolidated amount of brands, the hiring manager asks if the interviewee feels confident handling projects with a smaller set of items. He replies that this model actually saves time and makes everyone’s lives involved, from his to the executive team, easier. 

Making processes faster + the lives of team members easier are some of the most powerful statements for interviewers. Not only does it show that the interviewee is comfortable with different business processes but he is confident in selling their particular brand and product though it is smaller. He effectively “kills two birds with one stone” in answering the question strongly that he is confident that he can do it but that it is also going to be the best way to gain quick wins. 

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