Keeping Past Jobs Relevant

Address the relevancy of your past jobs / current positions to what the employer is looking for.

In this case, it would be advantageous to discuss how you would manage projects in a manner that ensures the customer is:

  • feels they are taken care of
  • make the process predictable
  • ensure that the client leaves satisfied
  • ensure margins remain intact

What you’re looking for in a role

  • Longevity is a concern of every employer (especially these days)
  • It may be worthwhile to mention that you’re looking for a company that can provide a platform of successful growth which, from your research, you perceive the organization to do that
  • Discuss how your current field is your passion and expertise, therefore it’s only logical that you stay in it
  • It may be helpful to say that while you have x number of years of experience in the relevant aspects, you always find that one of the best competitive advantages is a consistent learning