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Interview Essentials Premium


Access resources you won’t find anywhere else and benefit from expertise that is unmatched.  Premium membership includes full access to premium directory of real interviewing videos, podcasts, downloads, tutorial videos, customizable e-mail correspondence, sales and marketing resources and more are available with one-time membership fee to Interview Essentials Premium.

It is proven to expedite the job search process, aiming for quicker hiring, better job opportunities, and higher compensation, regardless of the job seeker’s level or situation. It is a non-recurring, one-time membership purchase, with updates added weekly.



Get the Right Job Fast

Every day you’re unemployed or underemployed, you’re losing money, value on the job market and likelihood to be considered for top jobs.  Interviewing Essentials changes that.  Users report faster hiring cycles, higher compensations, more job opportunities and offers regardless of level or circumstantial hurdles.  For around the cost of a day’s work, we put an end to that.  It is a non-recurring, one-time membership purchase, with updates added weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Intelligent Job Seeker has proven to help individuals switching careers, changing industries, getting back into the workforce, people who have jumped jobs frequently, more seasoned job seekers, recent graduates or anyone who would want a better idea of the competitive landscape for the jobs they are targeting.

  • Intelligent Job Seeker works on a membership basis.
  • Users are billed for each membership purchased one-time.
  • This provides access to the particular membership purchased for the amount of time allotted for that particular membership.
  • Typically, memberships are 30 days.
  • Billing is non-recurring. Following the lapse of membership, users are given the option to renew.
  • Because 30 days access usually results in a job offer, payments are not automatically recurring.
  • IJS accepts all major electronic payments.
  • Fees do not include applicable taxes.
  • Immediate access to nearly 100 expert interviewing guides
  • Downloadable guides on common sales and marketing job search concerns
  • Full preparatory guides based on level of role and type of sales or marketing job
  • Entire guide to explaining job changes, lay-offs or any other “black swan” event
  • Immediate access to all Career Podcast Content
  • Salary negotiation assistance
  • Updates done weekly
  • Much more