Every Resource Needed to Improve Your Career

Intelligent Job Seeker is a premiere career services platform that delivers a practical, all-encompassing job search solution geared towards sales and marketing job seekers.    

In order to deliver the top career service, KAS Placement’s recruitment executives analyzed the behavior of top sales and marketing job seekers.  

That analysis was then combined with a world-class understanding of how hiring managers think.  The result was a system that can position nearly any job seeker for long-term, sustainable career growth.  

Resume and Personal Branding

With one of the largest sales and marketing resume databases, you can tell us your ideal job and we’ll show you real resumes of people who excel at those positions. See how they write their resume, compare your qualifications, better understand what hiring managers are looking for and much more.

Customized Email Templates

From cover letter assistance to post interview thank you notes, IJS equips you with written correspondence ensuring you are accurately seen as a sophisticated, revenue producing employee resulting in more interviews at higher quality companies.

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Winning Salary Negotiation Strategies

Certified Salary Management informs you what you are worth and walks you through an easy to follow negotiation process that is meant to speed up employer decision-making processes and raise the amount offered in a manner that is low-risk, high- reward.

Interviewing Essentials

Interviewing Essentials is engineered to dramatically improve interviewing performance. Delivered through detailed guides, Interviewing Essentials helps you overcome common employer concerns, answer questions more thoroughly, understand what to say and how to say it as well as explain your past work experiences in a manner that ties into your future career goals.

Begin a Career with Knowledge and Confidence

The best way to get rid of college debt is to get a good job and negotiate a better salary.  IJS Graduate provides personalized guidance for interviewing, resume, pre / post interview correspondence and salary negotiation phases all of which tested and proven in real job searches for entry-level job seekers.