How to Differentiate Yourself From Other Job Applicants 

How Are You Different Than Other Applicants?

Whether asked directly or not, employers are going to want to be convinced you are different and more effective than the other hiring options they have. The more direct hiring managers will sometimes just ask “How you are different than other applicants?”

Very few people can answer this question in a satisfactory manner. Often, the problem they have is derived from either of these two scenarios.

  • You know how you’re different, but don’t want to appear arrogant and overly direct
  • You can list out skills and experience you have that are not relevant

Standing Out From Other Job Applicants

The key to differentiating yourself from other jobseekers is to deliver persuasive statements that appeal to both the logic and emotion of the employer. Below we’ve listed some phrases that allow the interviewer to see you not only as a professional with ambition and discipline but as a human being as well.

Answer 1: Sound humble and talk in terms of the hiring manager's objectives

"You probably have some good applicants so I can only speak for myself"

Starting the answer with I know that you probably have some good applicants so I can only speak for myself. However, looking at it from a perspective of what you’re trying to achieve, I am relatively confident I could deliver that in a manner which will allow you:

  • to focus on what you need to do and be confident that things are getting taken care of in a well thought out logical manner with you being captain touched the entire way.

Answer 2: Choosing Among the Variables You Feel Make You Different

"I've always felt that some of the differences between myself and other professionals was..."

  • Taking ownership of results
  • Adding to the optimism of an office, ensuring that I am both loyal and hardworking
  • Enjoying and embracing challenges
  • Thinking long-term, but acting according to short-term deadlines
  • Obsessing over the customer’s experience
  • Trying to approach every business situation as an owner
  • Playing by the rules but thinking outside of the boundaries
  • Being disciplined and making sure that I always finish projects I start