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Mastering a Personality Assessment Test

Mastering Your Personality Assessment

Going Beyond the Interview

Personality tests are designed to measure traits that are associated with successful performance of a certain role. They evaluate behavioral traits that don’t tend to change much over time. There are no right or wrong answers on these tests, but in specific jobs certain traits are known to predict “job fit”-whether you possess traits linked to success in that role. These tests help employers determine if you’d be happy and comfortable in a position.

Does Your Story "Check Out"

A personality assessment test, in a sense, is structured the same way that a police officer would conduct an interrogation. When police are interrogating a suspect to make sure their story is consistent, they will ask the same question in a bunch of different ways with different wording.

Ultimately, the consistency in the suspect’s story will either confirm or deny their statement accuracy.

For instance, if I were to ask you if you like vegetables in 10 different ways, and 7 of those times you said yes, 3 you said no, your credibility about eating that kind of food would be in question.

Often, test-takers will get confused by the redundancy in questions (as if the test is questioning their answer) and change their story.  This will more than likely result in a failed score.

Scores We've Gotten

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Why The Question Redundancy?

Tests want to see if you are being truthful and they want to remain accurate for the buyer of the results.  Therefore, if they only asked one question about your anger (or potential), they would be labeling that test taker by one question.

Essentially, these tests need more information prior to determining if someone has a personality trait or is deficient in a certain area.  Be prepared to answer the question over and again. Don’t let the test agitate you. It’s simply doing its job. It’s making sure your story checks out.

Answering Format

  • More often than not, assessment tests will be multiple choice.
  • They will provide 4 or 5 different responses to a question.

agree heavily – agree somewhat – no opinion / indifferent – disagree somewhat – disagree heavily

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What's the Point?

It is the same type of thing with these assessments. You will receive very similar questions over and over again. The tests don’t do it to be annoying, but rather make sure that they are not drawing a sweeping assessment based upon an answer to a single question.

Nearly all of the assessments which we have seen first want to make sure that you are not an overly temperamental person. The reason for this is that anger and resentment are very hard to manage and can erode a corporate culture.

Final Tips

  • Tests are going to assess the actual traits that are necessary for a person to perform the job at high capacity. In accounting, it may be attentiveness. In sales, it may be empathy and extraversion.
  • Be consistent
  • Be decisive
  • Don’t be afraid to appear arrogant
  • Come across as manageable, composed and open to suggestions (all very important traits)

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