Email Template: Negotiating a Higher Salary

Using This Email: Tips and Variables

  • Variables:
    • $ SALARY 
  • Refer to the job description for key content.
  • Paraphrase for personalization.  Try not to cut and paste from the job description.
  • All situations are different.  Not all content will be relevant.  To make sure the content is contextually relevant, always proof-read before sending.
  • This content is meant to be emailed.   Circumstantial adjustments may need to be made.

Subject Line Suggestions:

  • Some Thoughts About COMPANY NAME’s Offer
  • Job Offer Perceptions (Mostly Positive)
  • Offer Looks Competitive / Was Hoping for Quick Clarification
  • Excited to Potentially Join the Team / A Question or Two

Email Content

First, thank you for extending an offer. The prospect of joining the [COMPANY] team is very intriguing.  I feel that the team is great and backed by a product suite that can be both differentiated and further adopted by the marketplace.

I took a look over the document and much of it seems straightforward and agreeable.  Thank you for that.  The one thing that I was hoping for a slight adjustment north on the base salary to either $_________. This is simply to cover expenses.

It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, though if it could possibly be met, it would make the offer entirely acceptable on my end.  Most importantly, I believe that I could provide a substantial return on investment both from a monetary and cultural perspective.

Therefore, hopefully it can be met. Thank you again and I look forward to the prospect of joining the group.