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Applying to a Sales Job in a Similar Industry


  • The following content is meant to be emailed to a hiring manager with your resume or can be submitted through a job portal.
  • Prior to writing, think about the top things that you want to get across to the recipient
  • Try to get to the point, however use a tone that is respectful and empathetic
  • Maintain a professional tone, yet be personable and ensure that you come across as sincere, appreciative and like an actual.
  • Make sure to proofread content as situations specific to your job may provide the need to slightly alter the template.
  • Avoid long-rambling messages.  They will not be read.

Sales Application Email

Hello _____,

Please consider my application for _______ role. I had found the open job on ______ and, for your reference, have included a link to the original position on the bottom of this email.

From my research on the position, generalized competitive landscape as well as your organization, I feel that there is a good amount of synergy between the company’s organizational goals and my strengths.

Predominately, I would sell into the {C-level, HR division} at {TYPES OF COMPANIES}.  Regardless of economic conditions and the number of resources provided, I have consistently been able to exceed even the most ambitious goals given to me.

Among other things, my success was primarily due to my ability to anticipate and execute on customer needs and {INSERT SALES VARIABLE CONTENT} While {INDUSTRY NAME} would be a change, following extensive research on your firm, the industry and your….

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