Job Application Email

Sr. Level Sales or Marketing Job

Hello _____,

I had come across your open job posting on _____ and thought it may be pertinent to reach out.  From my research on your organization and my industry analysis, I do believe that I could deliver a competitive advantage to {COMPANY NAME} by adding to the building competitive advantage at the firm.

I had spent the past {NUMBER OF YEARS} in various mission critical {TYPE OF JOB} roles at organizations within {DIFFERENT SECTORS or the _______ SECTOR}.  Throughout that time, I have been able to design successful learning initiatives, add to optimitic and foward-thinking cultures and build sales numbers due to a dedication to produce meaningful, original work.

It’s my perception that I could bring this dynamic to {COMPANY NAME} and ultimately enhance the buyer proposition and increase the firm’s competitive advantage.  Please accept my application for the role. I do very much look forward to hearing from you.