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How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

  • There are ways to sell yourself during an interview that can across as not bragging
  • Much of that strategy has to do with how you preface the statement

General Formula

Preface Statement (conveyed in a thoughtful, reflective tone) + What Has Made You Successful

Preface Statements

Preface statements are reflective in nature, talk about your past and can easily be worked into the discussion.

Example Phrases:

    • Part of what has made me successful
    • What I attribute a lot of my ability to do well
    • What I attribute the success we had at company x is
    • In my opinion, part of what has given me a competitive advantage

Ways to Describe Your Success

  • Have a propensity for taking on calculated risks while not over-stretching myself.
  • Showing a commitment to current and past organizations as well as a commitment to consistent personal growth.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and change and can maintain integrity and positivity in difficult situations.
  • Driven to succeed not just for the money, but motivated by an embedded desire to achieve for the sake of achievement.
  • An ability to remain optimistic, hardworking and creative when the odds seem against them.
  • Steadfast organization and a willingness to always look at what could be done better and find ways to improve.

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