Speeding Up The Interviewing Process

To Be Sent To The 3rd Party Recruiter

Job Search Writing Considerations

  • Know both the individual’s and business objectives. Unlike the company goals, individual priorities and selling points can vary.
  • A marketing director may want help defining a brand.  A CFO may be prioritized with the saving money on campaigns.
  • Use an intriguing subject. Instead of “Thank You” or “Checking-In”, try “A Few Positive Takeaways” or “Some Perceptions.”
  • When people think they know what’s in an email the less likely they are to prioritize and / or closely read it.

Email Template


I hope you’ve been well and want to thank you for your diligent work on this project so far. It’s much appreciated.

When you get a moment, I was hoping to inquire on the status of my application with {COMPANY NAME}.

It’s my sincere perception that having me a part of the {COMPANY NAME} team would be mutually beneficial.

Among other things, I believe I would add to a culture that aims to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity.

I wanted to reach out to you first so as to not contact {COMPANY OR HIRING MANAGER’S NAME} without your thoughts first.

When you get a moment, can you tell me if you would want me to contact them directly, forward this correspondence, or go another route?