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Optimizing My First U.S. Job Search

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Name: Hugo Jaspe

Job Title: Account Executive

Industry: Electrical Engineering

"When I began my job search a few months ago, I expected it to be a relatively quick process. After a few weeks, I realized that while I was getting along with interviewers, I seemed unable to make a lasting impression."

Job Search Results

Increased my salary, shortened my hiring cycle and allowed me to choose my career, not settle for a job

Accelerating My U.S. Job Search

I came from South America with an advanced degree in engineering and sales experience. My desire was to break into technology sales upon moving to the U.S.

At first, there were initial hurdles in standing out to U.S. employers. They were both unexpected and substantial.

Even worse, it was difficult to pinpoint what the problem was. Because employers rarely tell you the reasons for not responding to a job application or calling back after an interview, it was difficult to get the full picture.

I knew that I was talented enough and my sales experience was very parallel to my aspirations.  Though, I speculated that having only international experience put me at a disadvantage.

However, I first needed to uncover any problems with my job search before I could improve.  Prior to using Intelligent Job Seeker, I was unsure what corrections were necessary to effectively compete in the U.S. job market.

Intelligent Job Seeker Helped Turn Things Around

The amount of money that I lost in opportunity cost searching for jobs in the States before coming to IJS is hard to calculate, yet substantial.  Intelligent Job Seeker put me at a level playing field with U.S. job seekers.

It also allowed hiring managers to see me as a viable candidate whose experience was valuable and desired.  I quickly secured an offer at a sales job within my desired field and expertise.  Moreover, the job search resources helped me negotiate over $7,000 additional base salary and a percentage point on my commission.

I finally feel as if my talent is not going unused and I am able to pursue the career I came to the States for.

A Heartfelt Thank You 

The folks behind Intelligent Job Seeker were able to use my ambition and past to help me see job search in the States from an entirely different perspective.

Among other points, Intelligent Job Seeker helped me frame my experience in a manner relevant and attractive to U.S. hiring managers.