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The Gold Standard in Career Advice

Setting a New Gold Standard in Career Advice

The KAS executives behind Intelligent Job Seeker knew the pragmatic expertise would set a new standard in terms of accuracy and helpfulness

Job Search is Changing. Our Mission is to Help You Evolve.

In the recruiting realm, KAS Placement is one of the most celebrated companies in our space. From Forbes Best Recruiting Firms to Best of Time Out NYC and LA, our prowess for helping companies design and execute hiring processes is second to none.

When it came to Intelligent Job Seeker, it was all about empowering the job applicant. From day one, the mission was to document and organize insights from the 300+ annual placements we make.

Started as a side project, Intelligent Job Seeker surpassed all expectations. Now, it is beginning to set the Gold Standard in Career Advice.


What drives the people behind Intelligent Job Seeker are core values focused on providing job seekers with indispensable advice that works.

Specifically, IJS exists to serve the below functions.

  • Expand Job Opportunities Across Industry and Title Employers are much less likely to consider industry outsiders or those with inexact experience for many jobs. With 15 years of helping candidates transition jobs across 100 industries, IJS provides eye-opening advice enabling job seekers to execute on the toughest of career aspirations.
  • Stay One Step Ahead  We help job seekers embrace change, better predict employers’ needs and search with confidence all while reducing overhead.
  • Be Generous  Intelligent Job Seeker is not intended to be a profit driver for our organization. Rather, our core mission is to help job seekers succeed in an increasingly competitive, changing environment.