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Intelligent Job Seeker is a wholly owned subsidiary of KAS Placement.  For fifteen years, KAS Placement has been a consistent award-winning recruitment and employment company assisting many well-known brands spanning 100 industries.

The purpose of Intelligent Job Seeker was and still is simplistic.  Our overarching purpose to equip job seekers with hard to find insights.

This would also include job search tools that are necessary, yet mostly unknown to the public.

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See how your competition writes their resume, compare qualifications, understand what hiring managers look for and much more.

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Constructed to help sales and marketing professionals through the most competitive interviewing cycles.

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Professionally-constructed, highly customizable sales and marketing application, InMail, follow-up, negotiation templates and more.


We're Helping Job Seekers Compete for Their Stretch Career


Engineered for Sales and Marketing Jobs

Our tools and programs provide cost-effective, practical job search solutions tailored specifically to sales and marketing job seekers.

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Make Better Decisions

Written by a team of recruitment executives, the advice IJS offers helps you pursue the career opportunities you want most.

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Shorten Your Interviewing Cycles

When compared to prior job searches, users of Intelligent Job Seeker Saw a 40% Reduction in Interviewing Cycles

Delivering Success On an Unparalleled Basis

Read About How Intelligent Job Seeker Has Helped International Job Seekers Realize a Better Job in the States

Learn how Intelligent Job Seeker has successfully helped international job seekers navigate and succeed in obtaining a competitive sales and marketing job in the U.S. employment market.