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Understand your competition and gain actionable insight on how to make your resume stand out.



  • With Intelligent Job Seeker, you’ll have the competitive information, expert recommendations, formatting enhancements and more so you can pursue the job you deserve in the industry you want.
  • IJS will allow you to see what others are doing to get the jobs you want.
  • Gain rare insight into what top job seekers in your demographic are doing.
  • Use proven data to increase professionalism, however maintain writing control.
  • Improve your resume wording.
  • Gain knowledge of the salary demands of candidates with similar skills, education and experience.
  • Increase your interviewing confidence.
  • Much more
  • Resume samples from top job seekers
  • Expert content recommendations
  • Discover how much similar applicants earn
  • Intelligent Job Seeker works on a membership basis.
  • Users are billed for each membership purchased one-time.
  • This provides access to the particular membership purchased for the amount of time allotted for that particular membership.
  • Typically, memberships are 30 days.
  • Billing is non-recurring. Following the lapse of membership, users are given the option to renew.
  • Because 30 days access usually results in a job offer, payments are not automatically recurring.
  • IJS accepts all major electronic payments.
  • Fees do not include applicable taxes.

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