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Sales Application Email


  • The following content is meant to be emailed to a hiring manager with your resume or can be submitted through a job portal.
  • Prior to writing, think about the top things that you want to get across to the recipient
  • Try to get to the point, however use a tone that is respectful and empathetic
  • Maintain a professional tone, yet be personable and ensure that you come across as sincere, appreciative and like an actual.
  • Make sure to proofread content as situations specific to your job may provide the need to slightly alter the template.
  • Avoid long-rambling messages.  They will not be read.

Sales Application Email

Hello _____,

Please consider my application for _______ role. I had found the open job on ______ and, for your reference, have included a link to the original position on the bottom of this email.

From my research on the position, generalized competitive landscape as well as your organization, I feel that there is a good amount of synergy between the company’s organizational goals and my strengths.

While at {PAST COMPANY}, I was able to consistently exceed quotas primarily selling into {TARGET MARKET}.  My success was primarily due to my ability to anticipate and execute on customer needs while managing complex sales cycles in a manner conducive to winning business.

Currently, I am looking for a place in which I can leverage the relationships I have formed as well as utilize my ability to bring on new business. It’s my inclination that {COMPANY NAME} could provide such a platform.

Please accept my application for the role as I look forward to hearing from you.