Cold-Calling Sales Interviewing Strategies

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Discussing Sales Strategies

As a sales representative, I did everything possible to maximize return on investment through prospecting activities

  • Meant determining what the most profitable selling routes were
  • Gaining the ability to navigate corporate bureaucracies
  • Discuss how you were able to work with little resources knowing that the company had to build up cash reserves for growth plans
  • Discuss how you were able to establish a relationship with the buyers which made it easier to get referrals, manage the accounts once on-board and repeat business
  • Discuss how you prioritized working alongside clients to establish trust

Describing Sales Work Ethic

The following statement is an effective way to convince employers you have the desired work ethic.

  • I’ve always felt that if you are passionate about what you are doing, you work smarter, more tenaciously and are able to overcome obstacles more readily
  • You are used to selling in a competitive market and thrive on the challenges

Career Achievements

When interviewing for a sales job, it is important to discuss your career achievements.

  • You expedited the sales cycle
  • You were able to increase the average sale

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