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Competitive Resume Intelligence 

A Whole New Perspective On Resume Writing

Sales Interviewing

Competitive Resume Insight


Regular Career Advice

  • Get one resume perspective
  • Excessively attempts to increase keyword frequency in order to get the job seeker noticed.
  • Often, the resume is not written based upon the individual skills’, interests or future potential but rather written based upon what people are searching for right now on the job boards.
  • Receive little to no guidance on salary.

Interviewing Insight

  • See up to 6 different writing styles, formatting options and wording variations that have worked for job seekers just like you.
  • Maintain Control of Your Own Branding. Utilize proven competitive insight to write more compelling, relevant resume content the way you want to be seen by employers.
  • See what verbiage, resume length and your target employers respond to.
  • Gain knowledge of the salary demands of candidates with similar skills, education and experience.

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Answer Critical Questions

  • What Skills Do I Have That Are Not On My Resume? Is My Resume Too Long?
  • Is My Resume Too Short?
  • Do I Have The Right Content?
  • How Do My Qualifications Stack Up Against My Peers?
  • Am I Writing My Resume Using Industry Accepted Terminology?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for the Process to Be Completed?

Typically, the process will take about three to five days from start to finish. Because nothing is automated and is unique to each job applicant’s career demands, that time length can fluctuate with demand.

What Levels of Job Seeker Can The Program Benefit?

Intelligent Job Seeker has proven to help individuals switching careers, changing industries, getting back into the workforce, people who have jumped jobs frequently, more seasoned job seekers, recent graduates or anyone who would want a better idea of the competitive landscape for the jobs they are targeting.

What Should I Expect Delivered?

  • Six resumes of top job seekers in your desired demographic
  • Competitive salary insight
  • Strategic job search recommendations
  • Full interview prep guide
  • Pre-formatted resumes in MS Word format

How Do I Contact My Career Advisor?

Our Career Advisors are based in our Midtown Manhattan office and are happy to help.  Please contact your Career Solutions Advisor either by submitting your message through our contact page or via email.