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IJS Graduate

Acquire Your Degree, Secure Your Career

Designed to give recent college graduates a competitive advantage when search for their first sales or marketing job, IJS Graduate assists grads in a successful transition from school to career. With access to proven tools and education segments, grads are much more likely to get a job offer from an employee appreciative and value-centric organization.

  • Understand how hiring managers think and make decisions.
  • Strategies to break into a job or industry dissimilar from your college major.
  • Learn how to interview in a professional, persuasive manner.
  • Get access to job search email templates targeted directly for entry-level applicants.’
  • Learn how to compete for highly coveted, highly competitive sales and marketing jobs.
  • Discounted access to Digital Correspondence, Career Podcasts and Interviewing Essentials

How IJS Graduate Works

Understand how to negotiate salary more effectively.

Obtain sales and marketing jobs with top companies despite college major.

Personalized career coaching and resume assistance available.