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Resume Intel Contact

Complete the Resume Intel Job Seeker Survey and Payment.

Once complete, your career advisor will contact you to confirm receipt.


Delivery of Competitive Resumes.

Shortly after submitting the answers to your questions and payment, you’ll be given 6 sample resumes.  These come from our internal database of roughly 650,000 U.S. sales and marketing job seekers.


Personalized Call with Recruitment Expert 

Based upon your exact career goals and target companies, your career advisor will send you six resumes that people have used to get the jobs you want. Then, he or she will provide specific guidance as to how to improve your resume in order to get the same results as the sample candidates.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Target Top Hiring Managers. See the wording, formatting, skill-sets and mission statements that your target hiring managers.
  • More Relevant Interviews. Tailor your resume in accordance with industry professionals.
  • Save Money. Intelligent job seeker is nearly half the cost of professional resume writers.
  • Save Time. Our career experts produce a faster turnaround time.