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Small Business Interviews

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What’s Most Helpful About This Content

There are certain strategies which are unique to small business sales interviewing.  While not every small business is the same, there are some commonalities in interviewing approach throughout most entrepreneurial organizations.

What’s important to an employer will allow you to tailor your answers in an advantageous, relevant manner.

Some Commonalities of Small Business Interviewing

When hiring sales employees, many small businesses will share common concerns, priorities and preferences. While the extent of the concern and exact priorities will differ from case to case, it is safe to assume most small businesses want:

  • Recognize a tangible return on investment from hiring the employee
  • Recruit employees who will stay at the company

Putting Yourself In the Owner's Shoes

Once you know what is important to the employer, you can start to determine the best ways to convince the hiring manager that you not only meet the job requirements but exceed them.

The strategy to do so is to determine key points that you want to inject in the normal course of the interview that strongly allude to you possessing the desired traits, abilities, and motivations…

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