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Our guarantee. If you don’t feel you benefit from Intelligent Job Seeker, tell us what is missing and we’ll have an executive from the recruitment team personalize it for you.

For over 94% of participants, the Intelligent Job Seeker platform has delivered results far superior to traditional career coaching services. It transforms long, arduous job searches into more interviews, robust job offers and a career that means something.

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  • 30-day access to complete interviewing library
  • Get exclusive prep material, downloads, sales and marketing specific content 
"digital correspondence"



  • 30-day access to digital library with customizable email, InMail, application templates, thank you notes and more. 

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  • Six resumes of top job seekers in your desired demographic
  • Competitive salary insight
  • Full interview prep guide and more

FAQ and Product Guarantees

How Will I Be Billed?

You will be billed one-time for access to each product you purchase. All charges are non-recurring.

This will give you complete access to the product’s corresponding content library. It will also entitle you to updated content.

Is There a Guarantee?

After over 1,000 sales, we have not had a single person feel that Intelligent Job Seeker was not worth the money purchased.

While there are no refunds, if you find yourself unhappy with the service, please contact your dedicated career specialist.  Upon doing so, we will find out what you feel is missing and work with you to get that content.

What Happens When I Make the Purchase?

For Interviewing Essentials, Digital Correspondence and Recent Graduate, you will receive a confirmation email access to all content in the corresponding content libraries.

What Happens When I Make the Purchase?

Resume Intel – Kindly refer to resume product page.