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Explaining Your Past Job Experience

Explaining Past Work Experience

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1. Explain your previous company in 1-2 sentences. Keep it simple.

  • “On an overarching basis, the firm specialized in ____”.

2. Discuss what your role was.

  • Focus on the parts of your past job that are relevant. You don’t want to discuss marketing at your past job if you are interviewing for a director level job.
  • “I was recruited for my ability to bring on new business. Ultimately, the challenge when I got there was this strategy was selling into ___, and they’ve had trouble with that in the past…..”

Drawing parallels between past and current positions

  • Because maintaining relevancy is crucial to your ability to impress an interviewer, The following is a list of topics that are worth discussing in order to draw parallels between past and current positions
    • the product or service you sold/
    • the complexity of the sales cycle.
    • the length of the sales cycle.
    • who you sold to in organizations.
    • what size companies you sold into.
    • the digital marketing strategy.
    • the personalities of the target market.
    • the amount per sale.
    • the size of the company you’ve worked at.
    • any sales training you’ve had.

3. Discuss what has made you successful

  • e.g. “I stopped treating clients like a walking dollar bill…. And I made sure to know more about the technology than other people, so that I could best help them.”
  • e.g. “I kept up with the changing marketplace… so I knew what I was up against, but I was always most concerned with the client. (I was obsessed with customer service).”

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