How To Be A Competitive

Interviewer During A Recession

Interviewing successfully during a recessionary or pre-recessionary period entails smart preparation. It also calls for a substantial job search strategy shift.

What’s Most Helpful About This Content

Financial analysts have spent the last several weeks discussing whether a recession is looming.

Many economists believe that the problem with recessions is that it’s only obvious that you’re in a recession well after the fact. Often, labor conditions can predict recessions. Again, in this instance, the numbers come too late.

Naturally, as hiring diminishes and unemployment rises, the job search field gets more competitive.

Understanding Your Employer During a Recession

A shift in the economy causes a shift in employer demeanor. Stress makes people act differently. It also can significantly reprioritize their focus in the following areas:

  • Less relationship based. More results oriented.
  • Employers move away from selling candidates. Interview focus becomes less about the employer’s dedication to cultural improvement.
  • Rather, it shifts to a concrete problem solving dynamic. How can we do more with less?
  • Employers ask themselves, how do we remain competitive despite a shrinking economic environment?
  • Moreover, they are under pressure to deliver results much more rapidly.

An Economic Shift and Its Relation to Urgency

  • When cash flow is short, productivity stops being a luxury and becomes a highly sought after necessity.
  • We live in a society that wants things yesterday. When cash-flow suffers and competition is perceived to be more cutthroat than past quarters or years, the “now” syndrome multiplies.
  • Use this information to your advantage.

Use Your Past Work History as a Concrete Benchmark

Regardless of whether you are in sales or marketing, there are always tangible metrics that you can provide as examples (unless this is your first job).

If it is, you can always use one of these metrics as a question regarding the firm’s improvement.  Below, you’ll find some applicable examples.

  • Discuss how you have been able to cut down sales cycles by x amount of time.
  • You have been able to increase search rankings in x amount of time.
  • You were able to increase the online conversion rates through (insert strategy) by 23%.
  • This was done with minimal resources.