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B2B Marketing Interviewing

B2B Marketing Interviewing Tips

Business to Business marketing interviewing calls for different strategies than Business to Consumer interviewing. The same core principles are used, however it’s suggested you implement slight strategy changes because B2B and B2C oriented firms have particular concerns and priorities which often differ.

Tailor Your Statements to Your Audience.

  • A CEO will be very bottom line oriented and will be more likely to respond to things like “cost per acquisition” “return on investment” and discussing strategies you used to heighten revenue performance at past organizations.
  • If you are interviewing lower down in the ranks, such as a mid-level product marketing manager, they will be more likely to be persuaded by discussing how you increase the click-through rate and what creative strategies were used to do so.
  • If it’s a smaller organization, it’s recommended to discuss how you’ve been able to make more happen with less resources.

Whether speaking to the CEO or a lower-level manager, you should ask whether the company has cross-functional products or services.

  • If they do, chances are that client loyalty is going to be a significant priority of theirs.
  • If they don’t, chances are that new business acquisition will be more of a priority than customer loyalty / happiness.

What Gives You an Advantage in B2B Marketing

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