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Interview Asset Directory

Communicate with confidence and clarity.  We don’t change your interviewing style, we just polish things up based upon hiring manager preferences and deterrents.

"entry level job interview"
"b2b marketing interviewing"
  • See sales and marketing resumes hiring managers love
  • Learn what hiring managers want to hear
  • Leverage our recruitment database to see resumes of workers at your ideal job
  • Keep your own writing style
  • See how competitive your resume is
  • The best cover letter examples
  • Salary negotiation templates
  • Job application email walk-throughs
  • Top thank you note templates
  • Learn how to get employers to make a decision
  • Applying to jobs in a similar industry
  • Applying to jobs in a different industry
  • More
  • Better explain why you are moving jobs
  • Effectively discuss career gaps and lay-offs
  • Establish a rapport with difficult interviewers
  • Know what questions to ask
  • Set salary expectations w/o ruffling feathers
  • Overcome difficult, leading questions
  • Explain why you are seeking a job in a different industry
  • Make sure weaknesses come across as strong points
  • Full access to Interviewing Essentials
  • Limited access to Digital Correspondence (Email Services)

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